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Medical Writing

Medical writing is an essential segment of clinical research as it determines the success or failure of new drugs and devices. The importance of medical writing was recognized when the pharmaceutical industry understood the requirement of special skills to generate appropriately designed documents for the clear and concise presentation of research results, product use, and medical information. The development and submission of standards-compliant documents related to clinical research is often taken too lightly, which in turn results in several problems such as multiple rejections from peer-reviewed journals and regulators. Unfitting or unclear writing in medical research can often be difficult to interpret and such writing may convey misleading information. Regulatory bodies require accurate and error-free documentation and reporting.

At EditingIndia, our team of medical writers, who hold master’s and doctoral degrees, assists you to aptly write and produce medical and scientific documents supporting your efforts related to research and product development. Our writers are fine-tuned to your requirements and use their expertise to provide you best services throughout the entire process. Their extensive knowledge and experience is drawn from pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, and academia.

Medical writing services at EditingIndia include publication and regulatory writing, as well as medical communications and education material.

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