Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The quality of research papers and other documents (academic as well as non-academic) edited at EditingIndia is guaranteed to satisfy the English language-related requirements of most international research journals and other publications.

To ensure this perfect quality editing every time, we have implemented some quality assurance criteria:

Our editing model ensures highest quality edits every time.

Our editing model uses two editors to review your research article. The use of two editors results in a high-quality, concise, relevant, and convincing manuscript, devoid of language and grammar errors, but with the original meaning retained.

Our editors and proofreaders are native English speakers.

Nativity of the editors handling your document is of prime importance to us. By employing only native English editors, we ensure that the quality of English in your edited document is of an international grade.

We hire only highly experienced and qualified editors.

Our team comprises highly experienced professional editors with postgraduate or doctoral degrees in their fields of expertise. Some of them also hold prestigious editorial certifications, such as the BELS (Board of Editors in Life Sciences) certification. They ensure that the research manuscript or document is impeccable in terms of not only language and grammar but also the content and is free of any subject matter-related errors.

We maintain strict quality standards through our state-of-the-art quality control process.

We believe that continuous learning and improvement help in maintaining high-quality standards. After an editor works on your manuscript, our in-house, experienced editing-quality analysts, who are highly experienced editors themselves, periodically review the edits against our quality standards. An analyst first scrutinizes the edited work for any errors as well as for any possible improvements. The feedback is then shared with the concerned editor. In this way, we periodically review our editors’ performance and continually strive to enhance our quality standards beyond journals’ expectations.