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At SETS, we provide English language editing services to researchers and publishers from all over the world. We particularly specialize in editing research papers from the fields of Life Science, Engineering, Medicine, and Humanities. Thus far, we have edited more than 10 million words from various domains. The key factor of our editing service is that we ensure that your work is allocated only to the domain experts.

Our core editing team comprises editors who are highly qualified subject matter experts with more than 10 years of experience. Editors at SETS are well-versed with the nuances of editing various documents, be it research articles, theses, essays, abstracts, cover letters, business documents, books, or presentations. We deliver professional editorial services of the highest quality to help eliminate any possible hurdles prior to the peer review and publication processes.

At SETS, our expert editors edit and review your documents to eliminate errors pertaining to

How we work

100% Confidentiality

At SETS, we respect the confidentiality of your research!

We guarantee 100% confidentiality through a nondisclosure agreement between you and our editors, so that you can submit your work to us with complete confidence.

100% Client Satisfaction

We ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work!
We guarantee that the quality of English in every document edited and proofread by the team at SETS meets the international publishing standards, regardless of the service, deadline, and pricing.

What we do in the editing stage?

The native editor modifies your paper, paying special attention to sentences that have a non-native expression. He will especially look for overuse of the passive voice, word choice that more accurately reflects meaning, redundancy, incorrect pronouns, improper tense, subject-verb disagreement, and other writing errors.

Complementary Services

300-word free sample editing (so that you can review our service quality)
Editing certificate*
365-day re-editing support*
*Conditions apply

Challenges in editing

When the editor is rewriting sentences, he may change the meaning of a sentence.

Solutions implemented to resolve the challenges

While editing, the editor will add comments in the margins of the paper asking the author to check the revision made. BEST PRICING.

Editing Sample